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That girl was me. Is me.

"I learned that people can easily forget that others are human."

"Prisoner" from the Stanford Prison Experiment (1971)

"Sometimes you tell someone to never call you again, and then the phone rings and you hope it’s them. It’s the most twisted logic of all time."

John Mayer (via paradiche)


I just want to write myself a world and go live in it 

Mascara, 1917







Look at her phone omg

The shoes tho

i loved the 90s

cadet kelly premiered in 2002

everyone knows the 90s didn’t end until about 2004

Reblogging for accuracy of the last comment.


Curled up with my head on your chest

It’s the best remedy for the pain and the stress

If the world doesn’t change then we’ll never get dressed

It will be like this to the kiss of the death


Childish Gambino (via spenceromg)


Johnny Depp supporting #boyincroptops1984

users online Dreaming big in Hazleton, PA. New York destined. Drinking coffee, making music. Smiling, laughing, crying. Loving, and eventually dying. The thing is... we are all dying. Everyday we are a day closer to the day we die. Make every single day count. Ps: Im most definatly a 64 color box.

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